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Sierra (Aust) are continually developing new innovations to many industries. Here you will find a few that have been released for public access; much of our business involves developments for clients that remain hidden from public view, and therefore those cannot be shown here.

We also revisit all key products each year as new raw materials become available, to ensure our customers will always receive the highest quality products in their class.

JULY 2022

New Product Alert

We are excited to announce that we now stock the IK HC 1.5 professional sprayer.
These sprayers have been specifically designed for use with oils, hydrocarbon-based solvents, lubricants and petroleum products. (Not suitable for acids)
  • Large fill area
  • Level indicator
  • Protective sleeve for chamber valve
  • Safety valve set at 2.5 bar (depressurizable)
It is ideal for use in the automotive industry for tasks such as brake cleaning, removal of tar stains and removal of silicones in tasks prior to painting the bodywork.



JULY 2021

New Product Developments

We have been busy lately developing and testing lots of different formulations to find the perfect car and truck snow foam with lots of impressive results.


February 2021

New Distrubutor

We would like to welcome St George Agricultural & Engineering Supplies as our latest distributor. They will be your local stockist for south west Queensland.


December 2020

Metal Glow Polish

We love seeing photos from our customers of our products in use. This is our Metal Glow Polish in use – Check out that Glow!


July 2020

Voodoo Colour Changing Wheel Cleaner

A safe and effective pH neutral wheel cleaner that also changes colour if there is iron deposits on the wheel. The change in colour shows it is dissolving the iron while lifting soiling.


April 2020

Plush Microfibre Cloths

Thick plush microfibre cloths that make drying of cars fast. Great when used in conjunction with spray polishes.

March 2020

Rotary Drum Pump

An affordable rotary drum pump that has been designed to pump acids, alkais,  detergents and oil. Vanes made from PPS and the main body from PP.

January 2020

Clay Cloth

For some time, Sierra have been offering our Clay Cloth which has been well received by detailers. Now we have the Clay Mitt. Using the Clay Mitt is so easy. No more slipping.

Both products need to be used with a lubricating solution such as the solution used when washing the vehicle, or a spray such as our Final Shine.

November 2019

New Distributor

Cairns – RSC Diesels has been appointed Sierra’s distributor for Cairns and the surrounding area. Call Ross or Richard or one of the crew on 4054 5440.

October 2019

Touchless Vehicle Wash

Simply foam on using a foaming attachment on a pressure cleaner. Allow a short dwell time and pressure wash off. Removes almost all contaminants without the usual effort. Great for large vehicles, and fleets.

August 2019

New Distributor

Emerald & Springsure – The Chemical Lady. Lee specialises in aircraft detailing, but also caters for all chemical needs. Call Lee on her mobile on 0433 161 931

January 2019

Bitumen Remover

Our new high strength Bitumen Remover with natural citrus oil will cut through bitumen easily.

April 2018


This revolutionary new product will save money and time! It eliminates one process when polishing a vehicle, you are able to polish the vehicle while you dry it with a microfibre cloth.NO MORE CHAMIOS!! This is a stand out product that gives sad paint a new lease on life.

October 2018

Fabric Protection – Newly developed formula and market leading technology for protection of fabrics and upholstery

March 2004

Penizine – Our popular “Fluid Film” has now improved with the addition of a ‘long term storage additive’.

Lanomax Metal Polish – Another addition to the popular lanolin range.

February 2017


Anti Spatter is our latest concentrated welding aid. Prevents welding spatter from sticking to adjacent areas.

January 2016


Advancement in our Lanomax Lanolin formulation. Traditionally liquid lanolin has always had to be stirred prior to use, however with our latest development, stirring is now only necessary every 3 to 4 months.

November 2015

Crockford & Co – With a wealth of knowledge from years of hands on experience, we now have Mick handling our Distribution in Dandenong South at Crockford & Co.

September 2015

IPCS – We are very happy to announce our new Distributor based in Seven Hills, Sydney.

August 2015

QLD Jetters & Pressure Cleaners – We are very happy to announce our new Distributor for the Gold Coast Region. Craig & Kelly and staff will cater for all your needs.

June 2015


Roof Tile Cleaner – Strips mould and fallout from roofing tiles, and kills spores.

Fuel Stabiliser – Keeps fresh fuel fresh longer and removes all trace of water from the entire fuel system. A must have for ethanol blended petrol.

September 2014

Agpower & Transport – We are very happy to announce our new Distributor Agpower.

December 2013


Blue Fire – Since Blue Fire has been released as an alloy cleaner in ultrasonic cleaners, the interest and feedback has been amazing. It has proven itself to be an outstanding cleaning solution for gun enthusiasts, as well as a superb cleaner for brass – including brass jets in carburettors. It outperforms almost all imported chemicals, and costs a lot less in the process.

September 2014


Cable Guard Liquid Grease – Corrosion protection and lubricant for multistrand wire cables. Cable Guard is a tacky, heavy viscous liquid grease, that is designed to penetrate the strands, and semi dry to a gel like consistency. Contains long term anti corrosion additives.

Blue Fire  – Alloy cleaner for use within heated Ultrasonic Cleaners. Dilutable with water at between 4:1 and 10:1, Blue Fire brings most alloys back to life in minutes rather than hours. Not for use with Magnesium alloy.

March 2012


Graffiti Removal Products  – Graffiti Gone and Ink Fader provide fast, effective and easy removal of spray paint and ink-based graffiti. Available from March.

October 2011


Fuel Fix “One Shot” – 50ml bottle supplied in counter display packs. This 50ml bottle will treat up to 200 litres of diesel.

August 2011

Dry Adhesive Reactant  – First ever reactant to assist in the removal of dry adhesive left behind on flat pane glass used for commercial and domestic tinting.


April 2010


Clear Screen – Windscreen Washer additive. Clear Screen in the washer bottle helps bring your windscreen up clean and fast. Will not damage the paintwork.

December 2009

New Look Labels  –

Alexol (our new hand cleaner has skyrocketed in sales since the launch in August. It now sports a new bright dedicated label.

Fuel Fix  Fuel Fix has a striking metallic label, and is available in 250 ml chamber bottles now.

Fleet Wash – has got a new name as well as a new label. Now known as “Ultra Gloss” this premium vehicle cleaner really looks as good as it is.

August 2009


Fuel Fix Since its release Fuel Fix has repeatedly proven itself against the best opposition. Now Available in 500 ml Chamber Packs for easy dosing. Our 1 ltr is also available now in Chamber Packs.

Alexol Hand cleaner. Replaces ‘Liquidator’. This extra heavy-duty hand cleaner still removes almost anything; including paints, resins and carbon, but is exceptionally safe on hands. Alexol uses the latest advances in surface active agents.

July 2009

Cobalt-Blue series of portable toilet treatments. Complete range for long term hire units, to flush systems, to mobile homes and coaches. Sanitising, malodour control for long periods.

November 2008

Brake Cleaner – Fast drying brake cleaning solution. Drum and disc – cleans fast then dries with no residue. 20 litre drums only. PDS

September 2008


Crystal-Borecleaner – Cleans, descales, and destroys bacteria within water bores. Simple, safe and very effective. Cleans bore, pipes and pump. Increases water flow by the removal of iron based scale build up. 20 litre containers. PDS

Car Cologne & Air Freshener – Two new fragrances – “Nu-Car” with very subtle leather note, and “Rafaele”.

March 2008


Leather Care – Leather cleaner and conditioner. Safe on all smooth surface hides. This product was developed in conjunction with one of Brisbane’s leading prestige detailing firms.

February 2008


Car Cologne – Frangipani – Popular theme at the moment. Realistic fresh scent

October 2007


Frangipani Garden – Liquid bathroom soap. A new fragrance with a fresh realistic frangipani scent.

Fleet Wash – The absolute ultimate truck wash. Far more than a truck wash however and suitable for a mixed fleet operation. Strong enough for the big rigs, and still suitable for commercial and passenger vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, and even Colourbond sheds. Fleet Wash cleans, revitalises and protects. Highly concentrated. Product Data Sheet

March 2007


Waterless Toilet Blockettes – Deodorant disks for use in urinals, toilets and areas requiring odour control. Sierra’s Blockettes do not require the flow of moisture to break down, they simply evaporate over time, releasing fragrance.

November 2006


Sonic-Gold – New Organic Metal Cleaner. Cleans most surfaces including; ferrous metals, soft alloys, brass, gold, plastic and rubber components. Dilutable with water. Ideal for use in parts washers and ultrasonic baths.

August 2006


Eco – Gold – New Organic Degreaser. This new degreaser has the amazing property of ‘clinging’ to the surface to which it is applied. Non regulated – non-flammable.

Tyre Gloss – Our non-silicon tyre shine has now been made even better, offering a shine that rivals that of a silicon product.

July 2006


Citramax – This natural citrus solvent has now been boosted for even greater cleaning power. Removes graffiti, ink, paint, grease, oil and adhesives.

From the 1st of July Australia introduces an excise that applies to most solvents at the same rate as the Australian Fuel excise. Some exclusions apply. For more information on this please contact our office.

March 2006


Fuel Fix – A complete fuel treatment that eliminates the dreaded fuel bug, and water contamination form fuel.

All Fresh – March sees an advancement to our popular detergent, that now leaves All Fresh as possibly the most concentrated dishwashing detergent in the country.

December 2005


Rags – Sierra have always provided low cost rags by the 10 kg bag, but now we expand that to include flannalette and white cotton.

August 2005


Final Shine – A light, sprayable polish that assists in removing swirls. Spray on – wipe off and leaves a beautiful shine. Ideal for use in showrooms. Unlike our Spray Shine, Final Shine was developed specifically for the modern motor car.

July 2005


Rubber Dressing – Restores blackness to faded rubbers, plastics and minor black metal components. Non Silicon.

May 2005


KCR 900 – De-waxing Solution. This new addition to the suite of de-waxers from Sierra will easily remove the harder waxes from the U.S. and is dilutable with water.

March 2005


Citrus 6000 Brochure – We now have a brochure for our bestselling Citrus 6000, showing uses and dilutions for a variety of applications.

October 2004


Deck Wash – our popular Marine Cleaner is now 12% stronger

March 2004


Penizine – Our popular “Fluid Film” has now improved with the addition of a ‘long term storage additive’.

Lanomax Metal Polish – Another addition to the popular lanolin range.

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