Cable Guard - Liquid Grease

Corrosion in multistranded wire cable is an unseen problemCable GuardCutoutmedium

Corrosion in multi strand wire cables will occur from the inside out – meaning you often don’t know you have a problem until its too late. Cable Guard has been designed to protect cables by allowing both penetration to the core strands, as well as providing external protection and lubrication.

Cable Guard will penetrate the outer strands of the cable, and yet ‘cling’ to the outer surface to provide lubrication between neighbouring revolutions.

Cable Guard will not ‘melt’ off in warmer climates like many of the lanolin based products do.

Cable Guard is used in a wide variety of conditions that are extremely demanding – including cable protection in Central Australia in the Coal Seam Gas Industry, to the humid and hot tropics of New Guinea. Cable Guard is a safe and proven lubricant and protector for wire cables.

Avaialble in 5, 20 and 200 litre Drums as well as 1000 litre pallecons.

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