Fuel Stabiliser

Sierra’s Fuel Stabiliser is part of a new generation of fuel additives that are being increasingly sought after

around the world for maintaining the integrity of petrol and diesel.

Why Use a Fuel Stabiliser ?


To lengthen the life of fuel

Fuel does not stay fresh forever. Most of us refill our tanks regularly, however in some situations fuel may stay in fuel tanks for extended periods; such as on farms, mowers, generators, boats or collectable vehicles. In these instances, the fuel will age, and begin to break down causing gum deposits, and poorer quality. Fuel Stabiliser will preserve the state of the fuel for extended periods.

To remove all trace of water from ethanol blended petrol

With the move to ethanol blended petrol, the incidence of water entering our fuel tanks from the hygroscopic nature of ethanol is higher than ever, and as a result corrosion problems are now appearing. This is especially bad in motorcycles. Corrosion issues in tanks and pumps are potentially a very costly repair.

Fuel Stabiliser will remove all trace of water from the fuel and the entire fuel system.

Fuel Stabiliser is available in convenient 250ml chamber bottles, as well as a larger 1 litre chamber bottle.

Available in; 250ml, 1 litre and 5 litre.

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