Car & Truck Wash

What do you expect from a Truck Wash ?

Find out if the truck wash you are using can cause corrosion

Both Truck and Car wash are often treated as a necessary but largely an unimportant part of the cleaning process. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Vehicle Wash (Truck Wash)

Truck Wash is traditionally seen as a stronger detergent than a car wash by the consumer. Whilst in essence this can be said to be somewhat true, it actually belies the true nature that the majority of Truck Washs are in fact quite high in alkalinity. This approach to formulating a strong truck wash is in fact flawed, in that although the end result is a cleaning agent that is capable of removing road grime, and the like, the on going usage of that style of wash will eventually dullen the paintwork of the vehicle.

Sierra’s truck wash has been specifically formulated with a near neutral pH and is guaranteed not to be detrimental to the clients surface coatings.

Ultra Gloss (Truck & Car Wash) PDS

Ultra Gloss (formerly Fleet Wash) is the ultimate in truck wash. It is a true multifunctional wash in that it provides a highly concentrated and effective cleaning solution, as well as exceptional rejuvenation to the surface coating (clear coat / paint) through the ingenious use of lanolin encapsulation. The inclusion of lanolin, along with a broad spectrum corrosion protectant, means that Fleet Wash also offers the best possible defence against corrosion that a truck wash can.

Ultra Gloss actually improves the appearance of the vehicle, and may be safely used on all vehicles and any painted surface; including marine craft, caravans and even prestige cars.

Soft Wash (Car Wash)

Sierra’s Soft Wash is currently used by many prestige car dealerships in Australia, and is also sold under more than one brand.

A true pH neutral formulation, with the mildest of surfactants, Soft Wash is safe for all surfaces. Highly concentrated, high foaming, Soft Wash may be used repeatedly over and over without any deterioration to the surface coating.

Soft Wash – Machine (Car Wash)

Soft Wash Machine is the same level of quality as our standard Soft Wash, but has a lower sudds level, and is less viscous – specifically designed for dispensing through foaming nozzles.

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