Concentrated Organic Formulation

Sonic-Gold is a concentrated solution for the effective cleaning of most materials including metal components; precious metals, alloys and ferrous materials. Designed to be diluted with water, Sonic-Gold is fast, safe and biodegradable. Extremely versatile, Sonic-Gold is ideal for ultrasonic cleaning baths (1.5 ltr to 450 ltr capacities), as well as traditional parts washers found in automotive workshops.

Particularly effective at removing oil, grease, carbon and dirt, without damage to softer metals, seals, plastic and rubber components.

When used in ultrasonic cleaning machines, Sonic-Gold excels as a premium cleaner that works fast in penetrating to the metals surface.


  • Non Flammable – non regulated for transportation and storage
  • Non Combustible –
  • Fast Acting – Pentrates and cleans quickly
  • Biodegradable and Organic
  • Viscous – highly concentrated.
  • Dilutable – dilute with water if required
  • Safe– on soft alloys and precious metals.


  • Use diluted with water at the following rates;
  • General cleaning of components and engine parts 1 part SC to 3 parts water.
  • For heavy cleaning of ferrous components 1 part SC to 2 parts water.
  • For Alloys and light cleaning of ferrous parts 1 part SC to 4 parts water
  • For precious metals (gold) 1 part SC to 10 parts water


  • Appearance Gold viscous liquid
  • Specific Gravity 1.13
  • Flashpoint n/a
  • Characteristics viscous
  • Class – Non Regulated


MiningCleaning of alloy and precious metal components.

Automotive – Engine and parts cleaning

Industrial – cleaning of dies and components

Jewelry – Fine cleaning of jewelry

Ultrasonic – Ideal for use in ultrasonic baths.

Ultrasonic – Venetian Cleaning

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