Final Shine

Final Shine is a spray on, wipe off wax for automotive two pack paint finishes, that imparts a deep shine, and hides swirls.

Released in August 2005 as a result of industry pressures to provide a high quality shine on modern cars & motorcycles, to hide swirls, and to be fast in application. Automotive detailing has progressed so far in recent decades, especially in the modern blends of waxes and polymer polishes available to the professional detailer. However, whilst the final appearance is improving, the demand for the detailer to provide inexpensive work is increasing. Therefore the answer is in the time in which the professional may achieve the same results. This is where Final Shine offers the solution.

Immediately embraced by the detailing industry, as well as many queensland automotive & motorcycle showrooms, Final shine is; fast, easy, and effective. Simply spray on, and wipe off.

Surface should be clean, and wax free before applying. Final Shine does not contain any abrasives, so If paintwork is dull or oxidised, then Sierra Deox should be applied. Ideal for near new vehicles, and pre delivery of new vehicles.

Final Shine removes finger marks and light soiling easily and quickly. Non flammable and lightly fragranced.

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