Degreasers / Cleaners

  • Citrus 6000 – Strong, dilutable degreaser/cleaner suitable for a huge variety of applications. Arguably the most versatile cleaner ever.
  • HD5000 – Non solvent based workshop degreaser. May be mixed with water.
  • SDC 20 – Cement/equipment cleaner/degreaser.
  • Eco-Gold – Strong organic degreaser for parts & cement. Ideal for use with pressure cleaners. Biodegradable.
  • Solvent Degreaser – Quick Break formulation, maximum solvency.
  • Solwash – Strong solvent for effective parts cleaning.
  • Safety Parts Wash- A strong non regulated solvent parts cleaner that offers full strength solvency without the class “3” risks.
  • Citramax – A strong all purpose natural solvent. Strong enough for the tough cleaning jobs, yet is more pleasant to use than conventional solvents because it is formulated with natural citrus solvents. Removes grease, oil, carbon, paint, ink and adhesive. Avaialable in 5 and 20 litre.
  • Sonic-Gold – Premium Metal Cleaner – designed for use in ultrasonic baths. Also used as a non solvent alloy cleaner for carburettor parts. Not suitable for magnesium components.
  • Blue Fire Concentrated Ultrasonic Alloy Cleaner – Heated.
  • IGSO Hot Tank Dip Powder An agressisive cleaning powder for use in ‘Hot Tanks’ for cleaning ferrous metal components. IGSO is not suitable for use on alloys.
    Turbo Wash – Safety Parts Wash Powder Used in parts washers for the effective cleaning of all components, including all alloy parts.
  • Brake Cleaner – Cleans, dries fast and leaves no oily residue.

Sierra established a solid reputation in the early nineties for formulating & supplying good quality workshop products at reasonable prices. In recent years this has become a major growth area, with quality now beyond reproach, and clients in premium sectors such as O.E.M., Government and International third party Companies.


  • Safety Parts Wash Solvent – Sierra’s latest solvent/dewaxer that is designed to offer all the benefits of Solwash, but without the D.G. rating of Flammability. This is a Non Regulated product, and as such offers safety benefits over using Solwash, Kerosene, or Solvent Degreasers. Safety Parts Wash Solvent may even offer benefits with insurance cover due to its non flammability rating – check with your insurer.
  • Solvent B1 – Similar to the traditional shellite.
  • Solwash – premium solvent, clear and deodorised.
  • G.P.Thinners. – Premium General Purpose Thinners
  • Gunwash – Gunwash thinners
  • Prepsol – Surface preparation & cleaning.
  • Tar & Glue Remover – quickly and easily removes gum & adhesive residue.
  • Methylated Spirits – Metho
  • Turpentine


  • SAF 350 Concentrate – Glycol based Antifreeze Antiboil. SAF 350 Concentrate meets AS/NZ2108 – 97 (A). Suitable for all modern passenger cars, commercial, 4 x 4 and heavy diesel motors. Specification sheet available.
  • SAF 350 Pre Mix – As with the full strength, SAF 350 Pre Mix meets AS/NZ2108 – 97 (A). Pre mixed for heavy diesel application, and V series Commodores.
  • Skykool – Corrosion Inhibitor that meets AS2108-2004 (type B). Concentrated – 50ml per litre of radiator capacity.

Hand Cleaners

  • Re-Mov-it – Our most popular hand cleaner. Pleasant Citrus fragrance, no harsh solvents. Contains micro fine poly beads for extra cleaning power.
  • Alexol – lotion to remove paint residue, resins and stubborn stains.


  • Penizine – Penetrating & Dewatering Fluid. Penetrates quickly, preserves against corrosion. Ideal for parts storage.
  • Penizine Plus – Extra Heavy Duty for long term preservation and marine environments.
  • Cable Guard Sprayable grease for cables
  • Oil Mop – Oil absorbant granules, “kitty litter” style. Absorbs oil, solvents, fuels etc.
  • Rag – Convenient 10 kg bags of rag. Available in a wide variety of styles; T shirt, white cotton and flanalette.
  • Oil – Full range of high quality lubricants
  • Fuel Fix – A complete fuel treatment that eliminates the dreaded fuel bug, and water contamination form fuel.
  • Spray Applicators – For Degreasers, Tyre Shines, brake cleaner, etc.

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