Sierra’s chemical base was established upon the development of very specialised degreasers during the early 1990’s, meeting an increasing demand for effective, and environmentally sensitive cleaning agents. Because of this, Sierra now boasts one of the largest ranges of degreasing agents available today.

In the solvent based degreasers that range from quality general use degreaser suitable for general workshop use to boutique citrus solvent for specialised cleaning uses

In the non regulated degreasers, this spans from highly concentrated AQIS approved citrus degreaser through to recently developed organic degreasers.

Solvent Degreaser (Extra)

A high aromatic solvent degreaser that quickly emulsifies grease and oil. This is a quick break formulation suitable for modern waste water separator systems. Solvent Degreaser is the strongest degreaser available. Low in odour.

Eco-Gold Organic Degreaser

The latest development from Sierra is this new Organic degreaser that offers maximum strength from a non-regulated degreaser. The unique property of Eco-Gold is that it is able to ‘cling’ to the surface to which it is applied. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, including for use through pressure cleaners. Engine degreasing, concrete, pathways etc.

HD5000 Degreaser

HD5000 has been one of Sierra’s most popular workshop degreasers for over 20 years. Low cost, multi use and capable of being diluted for minor jobs. Able to be used in waste water separator systems.

Citrus 6000 Degreaser & Cleaner

Citrus 6000 is the premier cleaning agent. Strong enough for degreasing a diesel engine, yet able to be dilutable to as low as 100:1 for simple cleaning situations. Citrus 6000 is AQIS approved, making it ideal for use around food preparation areas. Used Australia wide in workshops, mining, restaurants and aquaculture.


Maximum strength from nature. Made from natural citrus oils, Citramax is capable of removing anything from grease and oil, to most paints and adhesives. This is a combustible product with extremely powerful cleaning properties.


A good all round parts cleaner. This is a Class 3 Flammable product that offers performance at budget price. Use for all degreasing and de-waxing that requires a solvent based cleaner. Clear and low on odour.

Sierra’s degreasers are used all over Australia, in a diverse range of industries; from mechanical workshops to professional fishing trawlers. Restaurants to mines, councils to schools, and printers to hotels. We specialise in providing the best formulations for the task, and always with the user in mind.

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