Sierra’s Re-Mov-it is a industrial hand cleaner made with a special blend of natural citrus oils, and surfactants, with the added protection of lanolin for conditioning of the skin. Re-Mov-it has been a proven and popular hand cleaner for over ten years and is used throughout Australia in all industry types. By using only the natural solvency of citrus oil – Di-Limonene, which is one of natures strongest cleaning agents, Sierra have eliminated the traditional use of harsh solvents. The result is a strong, effective hand cleaner that removes most contaminants from the hands, and leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and lightly fragranced.


industrial hand cleaner
With Gentle Scrubber Beads for extra cleaning power!

Re-Mov-it contains added scrubber beads that assist in getting even the most stubborn and ground in dirt and grease from the hands. Unlike traditional hand cleaners that have a reputation for causing industrial dermatitis, Re-Mov-it’s natural ingredients offer safe effective cleaning.

  • Natural Citrus Oil
  • Thick Lotion Style
  • Cream
  • Scrubber Beads for added cleaning power
  • Lanolin for a natural skin emolient


Re-Mov-it may be safely used in most industry types for the removal of a variety of soiling. Currently used in:

  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Printing Industry
  • Mining
  • Government Authorities
  • Engineering

In fact any industry that requires an effective hand cleaner that can’t be met by soap alone. Due to the natural citrus oil that is used in Re-Mov-it, industrial dermatitis is virtually eliminated. Being a heavy lotion, Re-Mov-it can be dispensed using lotion pumps if required, making it a convenient option that can go on wall dispensers, or simple stand alone dispensers right from the container. If required Sierra can supply dispensers to suit most industries, simply ask your Sierra representative for more information.



  • Appearance Thick Yellow Lotion
  • Specific Gravity 0.85
  • Flashpoint n/a
  • Characteristics Natural Citrus Oil with scrubbers
  • pH typ 7.0 to 7.5

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