Many of the products that Sierra have been involved with in formulating and further developing cannot easily fit into a traditional category.
Here are some of our “specialised’ products that we have become synonymous with.

De-Waxing Solutions

  • Safety Parts Wash Solvent – This is Sierra’s latest solvent/dewaxer that is designed to offer all the benefits of Solwash, but without the D.G. rating of Flammability. This is a Non Regulated product, and as such offers safety benefits over using Solwash, Kerosene, or Solvent Degreasers. Safety Solvent may even offer benefits with insurance cover due to its non flammability rating – check with your insurer.
  • Solwash – Solwash is a proven solution to removing a wide variety of transit waxes, and has been our most used dewaxer for over a decade.  Solwash is a solvent, and is designed to be used through a pressure cleaner.
  • KCR 900 – Formulated specifically for removal of U.S. waxes, particularly prevalent on vehicle & component imports. Concentrate – dilutable with water.
  • DW 174 – Removal of European waxes and Asia
  • DW 91 – General purpose wax remover.
  • DW 302 – Broad spectrum wax remover for Japanese vehicles.

Toilet Treatments

  • Cobalt-Blue / Sani Bloc– Non staining, micro dose for both straight drop as well as fresh fluch systems. Excellent malodour control.
  • Antiodour – A non formaldehyde portable toilet treatment for use in all portable toilets. Eucalyptus fragrance.


  • Welding Anti Spatter – Prevents adhesion of welding spatter
  • Roof and Tile Cleaner – Designed to not just clean fall out and droppings from tiles but also kills and removes stubborn mould and spores.
  • Dust Set – Added to water Dust Set is designed for use in Civil Engineering contracts for the control of airbourne dust. Radically reduces the use of water.
  • Sonic-GoldPremium Cleaning Solution. Designed for use in ultrasonic baths, parts washers and cleaning tanks. Non regulated, dilutable and safe with all materials including soft alloys, ferrous metals and even precious metals
  • ALLFLOC – Water Floculant  A superb floculant for the treatment of waste water in recycling systems, setling ponds etc.
  • Fabric Protector – P.T.F.E. based fabric/textile spray on protector that provides exceptional protection for extended periods. Outlasts cheaper silicon based formulations.
  • Leather Care – Leather cleaner and conditioner. Specially developed in conjunction with a leading Brisbane prestige detailing firm. Suitable for all smooth surface hides.
  • Citramax – A highly concentrated natural solvent, made from citrus oils. Citramax disolves bitumen, tar oils and grease. Citramax’s new boosted formula allows for easy removal of inks and paints as well. A natural citrus fragrance. .
  • Penizine – This popular product has now improved with the addition of a ‘long term storage additive
  • Fuel Fix – A complete fuel treatment that eliminates the dreaded fuel bug, and water contamination form fuel.
  • Fuel Stabiliser – Lengthens the useful life of fuel, and removes all trace of water from the entire fuel system.
  • Odour Kill – New technology in odour control. Odour Kill is not a “masking agent”, instead it virtually eliminates any odour.
  • Concrete Armour – bonds to the pores within concrete to guard against mold and mildew for extended periods of time. Available in water base and quick dry formulations.

Although the majority of the spray application of chemicals are done using traditional triggers sprayers (as shown), Sierra also offer a range of German made pressure sprayers.

1 ltr Pump up for

Acids or Solvents or Alkaline

5 ltr Pump up

12 ltr Pump up

Trigger Sprayers

Sierra stock the 1 litre pump up sprayer with Viton seals making this an economical solvent resistant sprayer for all detailing chemicals.

The standard U.S. made canyon trigger applicators are also a standard stock line.. 5, 8 and 12 litre pump up sprayers are supplied upon request.. Sierra only supply high quality German made pump up sprayers.

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