Driven by the success of the Citrus 6000 into the professional fishing industry,
Sierra further developed their range into the marine industry to cater for the growing demand.


  • Citrus 6000 – Concentrated Degreaser/Cleaner. Dilutable with water..
  • Acid Wash – Strong acid based cleaner. Not recommended on fibreglass.
  • Deck Wash – Cleans all marine surfaces. Removes mild blemishes from metal and wood.
  • Armourshield – Sunscreen for your boat. Use on vinyl and rubber surfaces to stop the signs of aging.
  • Citramax – A strong all purpose natural solvent. Strong enough for the tough cleaning jobs, yet is more pleasant to use than conventional solvents because it is formulated with natural citrus solvents. Removes grease, oil, carbon, paint, ink and adhesive.


  • Night Glaze Premium – Final finish glaze to enhance and protect. Easy on, easy off. No harsh cutting agents.
  • Sierra Glaze – Restores lustre to dull surfaces.
  • Sierra Deox – Quick de-oxidiser for gel coats.


  • SAF 350 Concentrate – Glycol based Antifreeze Antiboil. SAF 350 Concentrate meets AS/NZ 2108 – 97 (A). Specification sheet available.


Fuel Fix

  • Fuel Fix – A complete fuel treatment that eliminates the dreaded fuel bug, and water contamination from fuel.

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