The benefits and properties of lanolin have been well published over recent years, with most uses being a “rediscovery” that our forefathers were well aware of. With the introduction decades ago of toxic chemicals in typical sheep dips. The use of industrial grade lanolin was banned both here in Australia as well as overseas. However as these practices eventually changed, the knowledge of lanolin and its uses were almost forgotten.

Sierra began formulating and manufacturing lanolin products under other labels in 1999, and continued to develop products utilising this unique material, with discoveries still being made today.

Lanomax lanolin products are to the best of our knowledge the most extensive range found anywhere.

Lanolin, a natural substance derived from sheep’s wool, is effective in preventing rust for several reasons:

  1. Water Repellent: Lanolin has water-repellent properties, which means it creates a protective barrier against moisture. Since rusting is initiated by the presence of water or moisture in combination with oxygen and metal, lanolin acts as a barrier to prevent water from reaching the metal surface, thus inhibiting rust formation.
  2. Corrosion Inhibitor: Lanolin contains fatty acids and other compounds that can act as corrosion inhibitors. These substances can react with metal surfaces to form a protective layer, preventing oxidation and corrosion.
  3. Film Formation: When applied to metal surfaces, lanolin forms a thin film that adheres to the surface. This film provides a protective coating that seals out moisture and oxygen, thereby reducing the likelihood of rust formation.
  4. Long-lasting: Lanolin is known for its durability and long-lasting properties. Once applied, it remains effective for an extended period, providing continuous protection against rust.
  5. Non-toxic and Environmentally Friendly: Unlike some chemical rust inhibitors, lanolin is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It poses no harm to humans, animals, or the environment, making it a preferred choice for rust prevention in various applications.

Liquid Lanolin


  • Metal –
    • Use Liquid Lanomax to rust proof metal components against corrosion. Amazingly only a very small amount is needed to guard against rust.
    • Lubricant – general purpose lubricant. Lanolin is non toxic.
    • Use on all tools as a rust preventative.
  • Wood –
    • Lanomax liquid is an excellent preserving agent for use on all wood types. May even be used around aqua culture because of lanolin’s lack of toxicity. Because Lanomax liquid lanolin contains so much lanolin (around 40%) it should be diluted with a solvent first, such as turpentine. This will assist in allowing Lanomax to penetrate further into the wood. Sierra recommends that users should dilute by around 30 to 50%. Excess lanolin may then be wiped off before drying.
  • Leather –
    • Lanomax will keep leather supple and water resistant. Will not adversely affect colour.
  • Marine –
    • Use on fishing reels as lube/protectant.
    • Hinges, turnbuckles, aerials, trailers, couplings.
    • Will not cause slippage.

“I have used the Lanomax products extensively on the boat, outboard and trailer and I am extremely satisfied with its anti-rusting and lubrication qualities. In particular the Lanomax liquid does not harm the plastics and rubber components. Sierra have both aerosol cans as well as economical plastic trigger bottles.”


“The Krusty Angler”

Lanolin Grease

  • Metal
    • Drilling aid, keeps bits sharper longer and facilitates faster drilling.
    • Self drilling screws in metal and wood will penetrate better, easier.
    • Anti splatter in welding.
    • Rust protection – when applied to any metalic surface.
  • Electrical
    • Tested to 75Kva. Can be applied directly to electrical components to protect against moisture. Ideal on battery terminals after fitment.

Ultra Gloss

  • All the benefits of lanolin in a vehicle wash ! The effect on paint work is nothing short of amazing. Paint is rejuventated and protected.
  • Ideal on all vehicle types including motorcycles, cars and trucks.
  • Ideal on all marine liesure craft.
  • Concentrated, high foaming formula.

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