The natural solvency of citrus oil makes it an ideal cleaning solvent for many applications, without the offensive odour of traditional solvents such as turps/kero/white spirits etc. Ideal for upholsterers, windscreen fitting, conveyer belts, escalators, elevators, etc. If a solvent cleaner is absolutely necessary, Citramax offers a strong cleaning solution, however because it is a natural solvent, flammability cautions should still be applied.

What Can I use Citramax For?

  • Graffitti Removal
  • Ink
  • Conveyer Belt Cleaning
  • Removes most aerosol paints & surface coatings
  • Glue & Adhesive residue removal
  • Bitumen & Tar
  • Crayon
  • Grease & Oil
  • Carbon
  • Sap


Packaging sizes available:
  • 5 litre Container
  • 20 litre Drum

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