Mud Shield

Mud Shield significantly reduces the bond strength between mud/dirt and surfaces to which it has been applied. When used on mud prone toys such as Sprint Cars, Dirt Bikes and 4X4’s the time taken for clean up is reduced and cleaning is made so much easier.

Mud Shield will not affect rubber, plastics, anodised surfaces or alloys. Goes on white, dries completely clear. Apply to clean dry surfaces and allow to dry. Can be left on for extended periods, ready for the next use/event.

Areas to avoid: Brake discs/pads, tyre tread, windscreens/face shields.

Mud Shield is non hazardous, non volatile liquid and will not react with soft rubbers and plastics. Can be left on for extended periods – will not evaporate over time.

Apply either with a trigger spray or pump up sprayer. Applicators

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