Concrete Armour

Concrete Armour is a Siloxane based formulation that when sprayed onto concrete areas, provides protection against fungal growth in mold and mildew. Concrete Armour bonds directly to the pores of the concrete that whilst still allowing the passage of air and vapour, will resist water ingress. Used on new and existing concrete to prevent the presence of mold and mildew and the resulting ugly discolouring that occurs.

Concrete Armour dries clear, and does not alter the colour of the concrete.

Concrete Armour assists in the protection of concrete against graffitti.

Concrete Armour is available in both a “rapid dry” solvent base – as well as a water based version. Both products perfom exceptionally well, even in high incidence of humidity.

Concrete Armour RD – Solvent based formulation that dries quickly. Clear in appearance and dries clear. Available in 20 Ltr and 200 Ltr

Concrete Armour WB – Water based Siloxane formulation that is milky in appearance, but dries clear. Will not change the colour of the concrete. Available in 20 Ltr and 200 Ltr drums.

Crete Armour Application of Concrete Armour to paths, tilt slabs and any masonry that is subject to discolouring from mould and mildew can significantly improve appearance for extended periods.

In this instance Concrete Armour RD was used.

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