Ultra Gloss

Ultra Gloss is the absolute highest level in automotive cleaning technology.
It’s super concentrated formula will not just clean a vehicles paintwork, but it will condition the top coat so thoroughly that the surface will actually look better than with normal washing. With the addition of lanolin, the vehicle will shine deeper, longer and look better.
Visible imperfections such as swirl marks are reduced, as well as providing the natural corrosion protection of lanolin. Formulated for mixed fleet operators, Ultra Gloss can be safely used on every vehicle from prime movers, prestige vehicles and passenger cars.

Soft Wash

Safe on all surfaces, including alloy components, Soft Wash will clean most soiling from painted surfaces without streaking. Does not contain any waxes
or silicons. Safe for use within separator systems.

Vehicle Wash

Suited for all trucks and vehicles. Vehicle Wash’s unique colour of purple is immediately recognizable. A highly concentrated formulation offering corrosion inhibitor, and paint conditioner. Fragrance free, Vehicle Wash may
be used in the traditional manner, or dispensed via high
pressure sprayers, foaming guns or wash bay facilities.

Blue Truck Wash

A heavy duty truck wash that cleans without damaging paint work. Safe to use on all surfaces.

Deep Lustre Polish

Produces high end shine and reflection to automotive paints, and chrome.
Either spray directly or apply to microfibre cloth and use as a drying aid.

Night Glaze Polish

A unique blend of the finest polymers with the introduction of polyvinyl fluoride for the ultimate protection. The soft flowing feel of application makes polishing a pleasure. Night Glaze Premium will provide the ultimate deep lustre look.

Final Shine Polish

Spray on cleaner/polish which removes light soiling, finger marks etc, leaving a high lustre using the latest carnauba wax emulsions. Simply spray onto surface and wipe away with a lint free cloth leaving a lustrous durable shine. not be used on hot surfaces.

Sierra Deox Polish

May be used by hand or buff. By hand is ideal for removing light scratches and rejuvenating oxidised paint surfaces. By machine – buffing and polishing used cars in one easy operation leaving the paint swirl free and shining for months.

Metal Glow Polish

Apply product to job using a damp cloth to polish region desired, then hand polish with a soft cheese cloth to a brilliant lustre.