Acid Wash

Acid Wash (formerly Aluminium Cleaner) is a strong acid based cleaner that easily and effortlessly cleans aluminium surfaces.

Alloy becomes tarnished, and eventually no matter how much washing is done, surfaces will still look dirty and dull (pictured). Aluminium Cleaner revitalises by deep cleaning alloy, leaving a fresh new look.

In the photo by Robert Hilder, the left hand side of this tipper has already been cleaned using truck wash, however the “staining” was unable to be removed with truck wash alone.

Sierra’s Acid Wash has been a popular product for over two decades and is an integral part of any detailers tool kit.

Acid Wash is a hazardous product and therefore every necessary safety precaution should be followed at all times.

Available in 1, 5, 20 and 200 litre containers.

photo by Robert Hilder

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