Ultra Gloss

Sierra began experimenting with combining lanolin with detergents as far back as 2002, and although in theory this seemed a simple enough task, it proved to be quite an issue. The idea was initially to produce a paint cleaner that would leave a thin protective coating behind to assist in corrosion protection.

Lanowash was born, and managed to exceed all expectations. Lanowash was able to clean vehicles and leave the most impressive shine. Further developments over the next four years resulted in the release of Ultra Gloss.

Ultra Gloss is used in the normal manner as with most car/truck/boat washes. Being highly concentrated, only a small amount, mixed with water will produce soft, gentle suds.

Ideally the item being washed should be chamoised dry. The gentle pH neutral formulation is guaranteed not to harm paint work, two pack paints and gel coats The microfine layer of lanolin that is left behind will not be detectable by the naked eye, but will assist in guarding against corrosion for up to four weeks.

However… the real impact of using Ultra Gloss will become evident the following day! Ultra Gloss requires between 12 to 16 hours (depending upon climatic conditions) to fully penetrate into the surface. The result is a truly impressive shine. Not just a “wash n wax”, but a deep lustre that is normally only achievable from polishing.

This finish will last for between three to four weeks, and beads well for at least two months.!

Thus Ultra Gloss replaces our popular Lanowash, providing pH neutral cleaning power for all vehicles; prestige to prime mover.

Product Data Sheet

Ultra Gloss is available in the following sizes;


  • 1 Litre Plastic Bottle
  • 5 Litre Plastic Bottle
  • 20 Litre Plastic Drum
  • 200 Litre Mauser

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