Parts Washer Products

The Parts Washers shown below are to depict the type of washer each chemical is designed for. Sierra do not supply the equipment, only the chemicals.

Parts Washer2Parts Washer

Mechanical parts that simply need grease and oil removed are often cleaned in Parts Washers such as this. Solvent solutions must be used, to avoid corroding the steel tank. Sierra make three products for this system;

Solwash High Solvency, clear and low odour.  20 ltr 200 ltr

Solvent Degreaser Extra Extra cutting power.    20 ltr 200 ltr

Safety Parts Wash Solvent  Similar to Solwash but with a higher flash point which removes the Class 3 Flammable. 20 ltr 200 ltr


Jumbo+1152Spray Washers

Spray Washers require a different approach to cleaning parts as they are based on an alkaline solution. However because these systems also clean alloy parts, the solution must not be too highly alkaline and must assist in protecting the softer metals. For this system, the product to use is Turbo Wash Powder. This is added to fresh water to produce an alkaline liquid that is sprayed over the parts for an extended time. The required time will be determined by the manufacturer of the Spray Washer.

Turbo Wash Powder Supplied in sealable buckets 20 kg



Hot_Tank_2Hot Tank Dips

The Traditional Hot Tank is used for very heavy cleaning and decarbonising. This system is not suitable for alloys, although for harder metals it is a very efficient system. The solution used in Hot Tank Dips are typically highly caustic. The tank is heated to further accentuate the cleaning ability. Sierra produce I.G.S.O. Hot Tank Cleaner for this system, which contains anti corrosive additive. I.G.S.O. is also a great floor cleaner.

I.G.S.O.  Hot Tank Cleaning Powder.  20 kg Buckets


Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Ultra Sonic Cleaning Tanks are very specialised cleaning systems that are often used for intricate parts and more often than not these parts are alloy in construction. The variation of size and type on the market is extensive, ranging from units that are very small for cleaning precious metals and jewellery, to large and long ones to clean Venetian blinds. Sierra produce a low alkaline liquid that can be diluted and used for most applications called Sonic Gold. It is not recommended that Sonic Gold be used for cleaning of Magnesium components.

Sonic Gold Concentrated Cleaning Solution 5 ltr  20 ltr 200 ltr

Blue Fire Concentrate. 1 ltr  5 ltr  20ltr


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