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Welcome to the Sierra (Aust) Pty Ltd product catalogue page. We offer a variety of products for a variety of industry types. These each represent the very best in their class, and we guarantee they work.


In our Workshop page you’ll find details of our range of products specifically made for the modern mechanical workshop. From hand cleaners to coolants, all products are formulated to meet the highest possible demands. In the case of Coolants, our Glycol based Antifreeze/Antiboil meet AS/NZ 2108-97 (a) as well as many O.E. requirements.


Sierra have been supplying many of the prestige detailers/Dealerships for over a decade now.  Originally our goal was to simply formulate and provide a better class of car care range, and now Sierra have built a reputation for a solid range of consumables for this demanding market. Our flagship product “Citrus 6000” features prominently with many of our detailing clients.


As a result of a merger in the mid 90’s Sierra launched into the Hospitality market, with huge growth in clients as well as an increasing demand for quality chemicals. Today hospitality is an integral component of our future development and growth. Ironically many of our clients in other industries take advantage of buying quality hospitality chemicals for use in their homes.


As mentioned above, many of our chemicals that were developed for restaurant use, are ideal for use around the home. Whether its disinfectant, or bathroom soaps, or all purpose cleaner you will find these are all high quality.


Powerful Natural Citrus Solvent for the toughest degreasing jobs. Paint, tar, resin, glues, crayon etc.

Citrus 6000 TM

Citrus 6000 is a safe, effective cleaning agent designed for a wide spectrum of uses. Utilising the natural solvency of the oil extracted from citrus peel, Citrus 6000 is used across the country in industries as diverse as; Hospitality (floors, tables, splash backs), Fishing Industry - trawlers, Automotive (engine degreasing, floors), even at Home (floors, BBQ’s, concrete, house cleaning etc.). Concrete Cleaning removal of grease and oil, Exterior House/Building Cleaning.

Lanomax TM

Lanomax - Lanolin. Sierra now produce arguably the largest range of lanolin based products for the marine, engineering, construction and automotive industries in Australia. Our range now includes polishes, paint treatments, cutting fluids, and hand cleaners. At the core of the range however is the liquid lanolin and lanolin grease - that offer the superb natural properties of natures natural protectant. Lubricant, corrosion protection, wood and leather treatment and so on. For more information, please contact our office.


Our most prominent marine product still remains our “Citrus 6000”, with it firmly entrenched into the professional fishing industry. All our marine products have been used by both professionals as well as the recreational fishermen for years.


Some of our products are difficult to pigeon hole into a specific type of product.

Graffiti Removal

For the removal of paint and ink.

For more information or to place an order, please contact us either via e-mail at sierra@optusnet.com.au or by phone or fax.

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We look forward to serving you.


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