Sierra believes that to achieve the best results in shine & lustre on automotive paints & two packs, the approach should be simple. Whether the vehicle is new or used, the less removed from a surface - the better, and what is left on should both enhance as well as benefit.

Sierra’s polish is designed to be three things;

  1. Quick - To professional detailer time is money.
  2. Easy - Ease of application & removal saves effort as well as time.
  3. Effective - Our products are up against the best from all over the world.

If a product fails on any one of these three, then it will fail permanently in the industry. Our products offer all three, guaranteed. An example is Final Shine which is not only a high quality polish capable of hiding the majority of swirl marks, but is also arguably the fastest polish to use on the market today.


  • Sierra Deox Combination fine cutter and polymer polish. Widely used in the detailing industry as a fast efficient way of restoring lustre to tired paint. Removes minor blemishes such as sap and bird dropping marks, and leaves a smooth polished surface that beads for weeks.


  • Final Shine - Spray polish. Simply spray on - and wipe off. Final Shine greatly assists in removing swirl marks in two pack paints. The most effortless and fastest polish on the market. Results lasts several months. Final Shine is an ideal polish for more than car and trucks; its also great on motorcycles, jet-skis and boats.
    • Safe on both two pack as well as single stage paints.
    • Fast and effortless.
    • Non flammable, fast drying.
    • Ideal for dark colours.
    • Economical.
    • Durable.
  • Night Glaze Premium - The best polish bar none. Applied by hand or machine, extremely easy on, and off. Night Glaze Premium will hide most swirls, especially when coupled with Final Shine spray polish. Contains absolutely no abrasives, and so is safe for both two pack as well as single stage paints. Night Glaze Premium produces a beautiful deep lustre, and beads for months.
    • Contains no abrasives
    • Easy and fast to apply.
    • Lasts for extended periods.
    • Formulated with the latest polymers.
    • Ideal for all paints/colours.


Sierra (Aust) Pty Ltd