Sierra has now shown that there’s an all new, natural way to get rid of heavy grease, and glue/resin based residue with added safety. A strong all purpose natural solvent. Strong enough for the tough cleaning jobs, yet is more pleasant to use than conventional solvents because it is formulated with natural citrus solvents. Removes grease, oil, carbon, paint, ink and adhesive.

What Can I use Citramax For?

  • Graffitti Removal
  • Ink
  • Conveyer Belt Cleaning
  • Removes most aerosol paints & surface coatings
  • Glue & Adhesive residue removal
  • Bitumen & Tar
  • Crayon
  • Grease & Oil
  • Carbon
  • Sap


Packaging sizes available:
  • 5 litre Container
  • 20 litre Drum

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